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    Luxury Brand Profiles: Lexus

    Last updated 5 years ago

    The Lexus name alone is a name that is evocative of luxury. For many years, it has been very popular among the luxury vehicle driving segment of the U.S. population. The Toyota luxury brand, Lexus, has enjoyed quite a bit of time in the spotlight lately, both for the consistently high-quality product the brand churns out, and for its innovative new vehicles. When looking to purchase a luxury vehicle, like Lexus, a driver has several highly reputable brands to choose from at MyCarMan of Arlington, TX. If you are considering going Lexus this next time around, read through this article to find out why you are unlikely to be disappointed with your choice.

    A History of Superiority
    When the first Lexus was unveiled at the 1989 Los Angeles Auto Show, motorists LOVED it. Doing more than stick true to its former motto, Toyota spent six years designing and equipping it luxury concepts before making the first Lexus brand vehicle available to consumers. The result of this pursuit of perfection was the release of two award-winning ready cars, the ES 250 and the LS 400, which fulfilled a vision of perfection themselves.

    Brand Improvements
    The Lexus motto has since been changed from “The Pursuit of Perfection” to “Engineering the Impossible.” In a never-ending effort to expand its market reach without compromising quality, Lexus has entered into competition in several automotive market segments, such as the sport utility vehicle (SUV) and the less rugged crossover. In 2007, Lexus became the top-selling foreign luxury car brand in China.

    New and Updated Models that Dazzle
    Redesigned for 2014, the beloved Lexus IS series is entering a new generation that—if the 2013 North American International Auto Show serves as any indication—will be more popular with luxury sports car drivers than ever. Other new models to look out for include the 2013 Lexus CT Hybrid and the 2013 Lexus RX.

    If you are interested in purchasing a pre-owned Lexus, BMW or other make of luxury car, look online at before making a trek to the dealership. At MyCarMan, we have taken advantage of modern technology to make many of our services available online. Take a look at our impressive inventory of pre-owned luxury vehicles online at, and head over to the dealership when you know which models you’d like to test drive. To speak with a dealer on the phone, call (682) 622-8390!

    Internet Resources to Help you Improve your Car Buying Experience in Arlington, Learn Why It's a Smart Idea to Shop at MyCarMan's Dealership

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Are you trying to choose between purchasing a new car or a used car? If so, check out the following websites to learn more about why buying a used vehicle from MyCarMan in Arlington is a smart idea. We have an excellent selection of used vehicles from brands like Kia, and we also have a wide variety of used luxury cars. You’ll learn more about the benefits of driving a car with a powertrain warranty (offered with our vehicles).

    Find out what a powertrain warranty typically covers by going to

    At, you can compare new and used cars to see which the better option for you is.

    Use the car payment calculator at to see whether it will be cheaper for you to buy a used or a new car.

    For more information, contact MyCarMan, Arlington’s trusted used car dealer, at (682) 622-8390. MyCarMan is located in Arlington, TX, and serves the entire Arlington area including: Grand Prairie, Mansfield, Hurts, Euless, Midlothian, and more. Find affordable used vehicles, including an amazing selection of luxury cars, when you stop by and see us today!

    MyCarMan Happy Clients Review on DealerRater 01/14/2013

    Last updated 5 years ago

    1/14/2013 10:09:22 PM

    Customer Service:
    Quality of Work: N/A
    Overall Experience:
    Overall Score:    5.0  


    Reason for Visit: Sales (Used)

    I recommend this dealer: Yes

    Employee(s) Dealt With: Sami, Zima and Yahya

    My Review of Used Cars Dealer:
    When my wife and I started looking for a “new” car, we were looking for a pre-owned luxury vehicle. We visited many dealers and car lots and while doing so we came across

    After we had our shrot list of cars, we started reading all existing reviews about the places that had the cars we liked. Most of the places had very few reviews and usually bad ones. However, one thing had stood out of and it was that they not only several, but surprisingly positive reviews.

    At first, we got very skeptical thinking about our own behavior when it comes to reviews. What we thought is that for the most part, people only leave a review when they had a negative or an extremely positive experience, but never review for a good or an average one.

    We even thought that the seller could be auto reviewing himself, however after much research we came to the conclusion that the reviews were legitimate and that we should give the seller a chance.

    I’m so glad we did! We bought a beautiful Mercedes Benz ML500 that runs like a charm. We’ve had the car for almost a month now and we absolutely love it.

    Not only do they have great cars at very reasonable prices, but Sami, Zima and Yahya are willing to go a long way to ensure you are extremely happy with their service.
    Just to give a few examples of things we loved:

    A) No pressure whatsoever in selling you the car
    B) Stayed more than 1 hour later than their closing time so that I could finish testing the cars I wanted
    C) Even though the credit union papers had not physically come through, they still allowed us to take the car home based on a phone call they had with the credit union loan officer
    D) Gave us money to put some gas (a kind gesture I had never seen and didn’t expect)
    E) We ran into Sami in a restaurant, he remembered us and offered to buy our dinner

    I don’t think the words here really express our gratitude and satisfaction with them, but I’m very certain that our next car we are going to get it from them and recommend you to do so as well.

    Thanks again Sami, Zima and Yahya!


    Setting the Standard: A Look Back at Mercedes-Benz's Long History of Automotive Innovation

    Last updated 5 years ago

    It all started in 1886. That was the year that Carl Benz was awarded a German patent for a three-wheeled, self-propelled “Motorwagen,” essentially the world’s first car. Since then, Mercedes-Benz has always taken the lead on automotive innovation. This long history of excellence is evident in the remarkable pre-owned Mercedes-Benz cars available at MyCarMan, Arlington’s premier used luxury car dealership.

    To help you appreciate the elegance and comfort that you will enjoy inside a modern Mercedes-Benz vehicle, here is a look at the some of the German automaker’s most notable innovations and achievements over the years:

    Four-Wheel Independent Suspension. In 1931, Mercedes-Benz produced the 170. This technologically advanced vehicle features the auto industry’s first fully independent suspension, allowing each wheel to respond individually to varying road conditions, as well as as driving surfaces.

    Antilock Braking System. Antilock brakes have been standard on new and used vehicles for many years—44 years to be exact. In 1970, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the Antilock Braking System (ABS), an innovative safety and performance system that helps drivers retain control under heavy braking by preventing wheel lockup.

    Electronic Stability Program. Mercedes-Benz is credited with yet another feature that is standard on all new and late model used cars sold today, which is their electronic stability control feature. Mercedes-Benz’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) was introduced in 1995. ESP helps drivers maintain control in corners and during evasive maneuvering, which is why it is now required by law on all vehicles.

    Mbrace®. Mercedes-Benz isn’t just a leader in automotive safety and performance, but also in comfort, convenience, and luxury. Case in point: Mbrace®. This innovative navigation and infotainment system allows drivers to connect with their Mercedes-Benz vehicle like never before thought possible. It is available on most late model used Mercedes-Benz vehicles.  

    If you would like to own one of the best used luxury cars that money can buy, visit a smart used car dealership in Arlington, Texas – like MyCarMan.

    Browse our dealer’s inventory of slightly used Mercedes models at We also regularly carry used cars, trucks and SUVs from other leading luxury automakers. So, besides Mercedes, you’ll also find the following on our lot: BMW, Jaguar, Lexus, Land Rover, Porsche, Cadillac and so much more! Call (682) 622-8390 for additional information about our inventory, which is easily accessible online. If you’re a smart car shopper, choose a smart dealership. Choose MyCarMan.

    6 Tips for Buying a Used Car from the Dealership

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Buying a used car is the best way to get a reliable car for a great price. Follow this video’s tips to find a used car that fits your lifestyle, needs, and budget. MyCarMan knows that smart car shoppers will do their research online. Our website has everything you need to research any vehicle you’re interested in at our used car dealership in Arlington, with information like CARFAX reports. Watch this video to learn more information.

    First, do some online research on the type of car you are looking for. Compare pricing to see exactly how much people typically pay for the car you’re considering. Then, go to a used car dealer and begin the process of test-driving. Be sure to take at least 20 minutes to carefully look at the ride quality, handling, and visibility that the car has to offer. Next, examine the vehicle history report for the car to ensure that there are no errors. Lastly, secure financing for your car at the dealer or a local bank or credit union.

    If you shop for a used car at MyCarMan of Arlington, you can feel confident knowing you are buying a dependable, high-quality car. All of our mechanics thoroughly inspect and recondition our cars before we sell them. Find used cars in Arlington without worrying about poor customer service. Call MyCarMan at (682) 622-8390 for more information, or visit our to check out our current selection of used cars.

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